My Story

J. Paulette Forshey

My senior year in high school, I asked a guidance counselor about a writing career. His advice: “Find a good man, get married and forget writing.” Well the ‘good man’ found me, married me and after our sons both graduated from high school I took hubby’s advice and went back to the writing I’d given up. Now I’m an award-winning internationally read author. Never doubt your self because, “You’re more than you believe!”

Fun Facts

• We once had 30 birds living with us, 3 types of finches, Zebra, Cut-throat, and Cordon Blue, we raised and breed. One orange-winged Amazon, one African Grey, one Canary-winded Parakeet, one Love Bird, one Cockatiel, and one Peach-front Conure, Fred, who spoke 30 different words. Our menagerie included four dogs (two of which we showed) three cats, some gold fish, and a house rabbit (a full -sized French Lop who used a litter box.) Two children and one husband (husbands are hard to train that’s why I only have one.)

• My hubby started my Vermont Teddy Bear collection.

• On my first trip on an airplane, I met Count Basie’s band members, who were very surprised to find that a skinny little 19-year-old knew all their records.

• A Washington D.C. hooker taught me how to do laundry. Bambi was a very nice lady.

• I met a nun who made me tea and kept me company while my husband was having emergency appendectomy surgery. Later, I mentioned the nice woman to other hospital employees, who became very nervous and finally told me that particular nun had been dead for 50 years. I still have the wood rosary she gave me.

• The first house we owned was haunted. Just to name a few otherworld activities. We had things disappear, only to reappear later in another location. We heard voices and music — in particular, calliope music – and smelled cheroot smoke. Once a belt sitting on a table flew across the room as though someone had given it a swipe with their hand. While I was alone in the house, I was goosed in the shower twice, and had a penny hit me in the middle of my back. (Wish they’d throw larger denominations.)

• Work history: G.T.E., F.B.I., and MOM. That last one is the most dangerous and rewarding. Two sons and ten grandchildren, with one great grandchild expected soon.

• Working the front desk at the F.B.I. Academy as a switchboard/receptionist, I met actress Linda Day George & and her husband, actor Christopher George, when they took a tour of the place. Even met Mr. F.B.I. himself, Efrem Zimbalist Jr., when he took the tour. Sadly, the academy no longer allows tours.

• TV & Movie celebrity, Hopalong Cassidy (William Boyd) worked for my grandfather (a butcher) delivering meat with a horse and wagon.

• Took a course on novel writing and found my instructor was my favorite author (and now friend) Elaine Bergstrom. Later met her in person at a book signing. From that meet, she invited my husband and I on a cruise with her.

• We love dragons! We once had a dragon mailbox, we have a dragon coffee table, and end table, as well as dragons guarding our front walk. There are small dragons all over our house and a few gargoyles inside and out.

• At Halloween, we decorate more than any other time, including Christmas.