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Dead in the Water

My name is Veronica, and I’m a Hawthorn a centuries old society of vampire hunters. I’d been wounded in a hunt, a hunt that’d gone terrible wrong. I’m on this cruise ship a last treat before I’m deemed well enough to go back to work. This trip was supposed to be full of fun, food, and lots of sun until I discovered a Tarczal, a vampire on board.

My name is Giovanni Di Cavour, my mentor has requested me to join him on a secret mission of some urgency. He’s interrupted my centuries search for those responsible of the death of my wife and child. Now we’re on a cruise ship of all places and I’ve just rescued a Hawthorn, a hunter of my people. I’m trying hard to remember my lust for revenge when my heart cries out for something else for me to sink inside her besides my fangs.

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