Tarczal Alliance

Logan Kincaid was trying to find the spy in his company when she walked in, – long blond hair, longer legs, and intelligent green eyes – damn, all his weaknesses rolled into one. He’d lived for 445 yrs. believing the Blood Witches and T’yhiéls of his vampiric childhood were nothing but myths until one walked into his life and all hell broke loose.

Allyson Weston needed a scholarship to continue her career, and she wanted her abusive ex out of her life. Allyson got both and more when she found out the benefactor of the scholarship’s bite was worse than his bark and her ex was found dead in her driveway.

Tarczal Spice


The Tarczal Connection: Logan is on the hunt, he has plans for Allyson, but another man is doing his best to occupy her time on this special day. Who will win her attention?

Millie and the Vampire: Millie is sleeping peacefully and awakes to find a vampire in her room. What’s a woman to do?
The Welcome Mat: Tall, Dark, and Handsome Vampires Welcome, is the mat Sarafina places at her front door, but what does she do when a real vampire shows up?

La Dernière Carte: Niclays of the house Châtillon must find the one gypsy who can lift the curse from him, but finding her is only half the battle. For her to save him she must first fall in love with him all on her own. Will she do so before time runs out for Niclays?

Miracles from the Heart

Two heartwarming stories for the price of one!

A little girl’s Christmas wish brings more than joyful holiday music to her family in ‘Magic of the Christmas Flute’.

It’ll take ‘The Christmas Gift’ to help a couple who married for convenience find love, happiness and the family they’ve always wanted.

Cat And The Wizard

Fionnghuala born from a fairy and Human bonding is kidnapped as a child and sold into enslavement. Until the day a spell goes awry landing her in the normal world and she finds the fate of two worlds rest in her hands.

This is the novel the way it was written! Including deleted scenes from the original book.

Plus Bonus Excerpts from The Tarczal Alliance and Chances Taken!

Poetry, Short Stories, and Musings