Who are the Tarczals?

Tarczals: misnamed vampire, a race of humans who live to be 1,000 -1,500 years old, they eat, drink, give birth and raise their young (who don’t develop their feeding teeth and consume blood until after their second birthday) as other humans. Tarczals can’t contract or carry diseases, and heal quickly. They age at the same common human rate, until they reach twenty-five, then their aging process slows considerably. Tarczals age approximately one year, for every 20 common human years. They consume nourishment (blood) from live paid donors called “coms”.

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What’s coming next?

The Archway

Julianne Carter hears a child’s scream of terror. Running to it’s aid she rushes through an archway only to discover she’s transported to fourteenth century England. There she comes face to face with a Tarczal mercenary who was about to capture the lad. Tarek ‘The Pale Wolf’ Cynawulf isn’t happy when an oddly-garbed sorceress swoops from the archway and steals the young lad he’s about to collect and return for a handsome reward.

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